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Replenish Life Plan

Lance Witt | Kye Chung

You are ridiculously in charge of your life. – Henry Cloud


From our earliest days, we all ask questions like…

  • who am I really?
  • what is my purpose and God-calling?
  • what is my best contribution?
  • how do I find deep meaning for my life?
  • how do I order my life around what truly matters?
  • how can I live the life I long to live?

We do the best we can to answer those questions and navigate life… but the truth is, the pressures and demands of life often push those questions to the fringes. We think to ourselves “someday I’ll slow down long enough to get clarity on life’s biggest questions.” But, as John Kotter says,

“Most people don’t lead their own lives—they accept their lives.”

Many people get caught up in the current of everyday life and passively get swept along to an unwanted destination. Nothing could be more tragic than squandering the life God has entrusted to you.

A Life Plan can be a game-changer in helping you steward well your ONE life. The powerful combination of unhurried time, a skilled guide and a proven process can become a life-defining event for an individual. The Replenish Life Plan is a 2-day one-one-one process that will help you gain clarity, direction, focus and an actionable game plan for your life.



  • discover who you truly are.
  • understand how your story has shaped you.
  • articulate your primary talents and skills.
  • clarify what truly matters to you.
  • identify your unique purpose and passions.
  • discern your vision for the future.
  • establish a healthy life rhythm.


  • A 2-day Life Plan with a certified Replenish Life Plan Guide
  • Clarity around who you are, how you are gifted, what matters most to you, and a vision for your future.
  • A Life Plan Roadmap so you can monitor progress.
  • An actionable game plan for moving forward with next steps.


The Life Planning process with Kye pulled together my story and my wirings to create more clarity around who I am and what I have to offer. Kye has a keen eye to see the patterns God is weaving throughout your story.

Mark G

Doing the LifePlan with Kye was incredibly insightful for my life and direction I feel led. He cares deeply about how to get the most out the time we had together and helped affirmed and challenged me in the process.

Nate J

Kye was able to help me take the daunting task of funneling all of my life aspects into tangible goals for moving forward toward where God is calling me. I would recommend this process and specifically Kye to anyone facing a major crossroads in their life or simply needs to clarify what the next step in their journey should be.

Frank N

The overall experience was life-changing as Kye lead a very impactful and intentional couple of days that resulted in me gaining clarity to be and do the things that God has called me to do!

Kevin L

Everybody stands to benefit from gaining better understanding of their unique story and from this place of new found perspective, gain clarity and inspiration to chase the vision God has laid out for each of us. Kye was a great facilitator. His questions were very thoughtful and intentional.

David P


If you’re interested in what a LifePlan is all about, let’s talk.

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Our Team

Helping you work on it, and not just in it.

CEO / Consultant

Kye "K" Chung

Kye (pronounced “K”) brings over 25 years of diverse experience in the local church as well as an executive coach/consultant for organizations across the nation. Kye is the founder and CEO of Growmentum Group and has had the privilege of serving on senior leadership teams. Kye has a Master of Divinity, has been Certified from Paterson Center in StratOp and is currently is also a Replenish Life Plan Certified Trainer and Facilitator as well as a Working Genius Certified Facilitator. Kye is married to Kathy and has 3 adult children (Kailey, Emily and Nathan). He enjoys working ON his golf game, traveling with his wife and being an early adopter.

Expertise: Strategy / Leadership / Data / Finances / Life Plan / Working Genius / Multisite / Staffing

President / Consultant

Lee Coate

Lee brings over 30 years of experience in leadership within the local church as well as organizations around the country. Lee is the President of Growmentum Group and his experience has created a wide understanding of strategies alongside his practical work at The Crossing (Las Vegas) where he has served for the past 13 years as Executive Pastor. Lee has a Master in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary, is StratOp Certified from the Paterson Center. He is married to Tanya, has two children (Ashlee and Austin) and enjoys running, golf, a great meal and hockey.

Expertise: Strategy / Leadership / Teaching / Creative / Multisite


Jeff Snodgrass

Jeff has served in ministry for 20 years. Jeff has served in many areas of ministry, ranging from Next-Gen Ministries to Executive Leadership. Jeff is currently the Lead Pastor of Unite Church in Pasadena, CA. Many people describe Jeff as a passionate leader, speaker, and strategist. He has had the privilege to speak and strategize all over the country to share his love for Jesus. He is certified in StratOp through Paterson Center, has a B.A. from Azusa Pacific University, and a M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jeff is married to Julie and has 4 children (Joelle, Wesley, Cayden, and Caleb). He really enjoys golf, mountain biking, and traveling with his wife.

Brandon Beard

Brandon brings over 30 years of experience in Church ministry and leadership. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University he spent 10 years at Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, CA. Followed by 10 years at Real Life Church in Valencia, CA. Since 2011 he has served as Executive Pastor of Campus Ministry at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX where he oversees all 5 campuses and future campus expansion. This vast experience has developed expertise in church growth, effective ministry structures and leadership development. He is married to Irene, has two children (Katriana and Nicholas), loves working in Uganda, and cheers loud for all Seattle sports teams.

Derek Beauchamp

Derek is a Las Vegas native who is passionate about helping organizations reach their goals and fulfill their mission. Derek has served in various ministry capacities ranging from the Weekend Experience Director at one of the largest churches in America, founding a non-profit reaching college students, and as the Chief Experience Officer at one of the busiest camp and conference centers in the Southwest. Presently, Derek serves as the Lead Pastor of The Crossing Midtown in Las Vegas. He enjoys spending time with his wife, all things outdoors, and his Peloton.

Aaron McKee

Aaron is a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience in ministry spanning over three decades. Throughout his journey, Aaron's primary drive has been to empower individuals and organizations to flourish. His educational background includes a Master of Christian Ministry and a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership, providing him with a unique blend of spiritual and leadership expertise. He has served in various ministry positions, including on senior leadership teams. Aaron is married to Kathryn, and they have 3 adult children and 10 grandkids. In his leisure time, he enjoys exploring new destinations through travel, embracing the great outdoors through camping, and honing his skills on the golf course. He and his wife live in Phoenix, AZ.

Matt Nations

Matt is a Florida native who has spent years serving in many roles in the church ranging from college ministry to Executive Pastor. He currently serves as Executive Pastor at Riverside Church in Fort Myers, FL where he has been for over a decade. He loves to help vision come to life and coach teams to execute to their fullest potential. Matt has a passion to equip the local church to live out its mission to make disciples. Matt is married to Jess and has 3 kids (Kai, Jayse and River). He enjoys soccer, golf, running, a good cup of coffee and traveling with his family.
Operations / Finance

Alex Estrella

Executive Coaching + Consulting to help you

Work on it, not just in it.